1954 ford vehicle identification numbers

Also, in some assembly plants, the 49 style VIN tag was also riveted in the same as the cars. In the number was stamped in a plate which was mounted on the dash panel firewall under the hood.

to Ford Passenger Car VIN Decoding Chart

For and 53 models the number was on a plate mounted on the right front door pillar post below the upper hinge opening. There is no number stamped on the engine.

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  • Locations of VIN Plates and Stamps on Vintage Vehicles | Auto Museum Online.

This is a Thunderbird data Tag. AutomotiveTimelines Members can also find resources in our Library to help with identification, like this vintage Ford Motorcraft Shop Tips magazine, that shows how to read VIN plates on — Ford products. After payment is accepted, you will recieve a link to download your zip file containing a flipbook version for any Windows based pc, just like you see on this website, and a pdf file containing all the pages.

1954 Ford TV Commercials

All of the digital downloads have been scanned from our original vintage literature collection. Some items have stains or other age acquired flaws, while others are almost perfect. All of the literature in the AutomotiveTimelines archives have been scanned from original literature. Once an item is scanned for the website, it can be offered for sale.

How to Read a VIN - Vehicle Id Number

Check out the AutomotiveTimeliens store for car and truck literature you can purchase. We will add links to the VIN articles as they are posted to the website for easy navigation, or you can use the tools on the right sidebar to locate articles if you prefer. Ford Vehicle Identification Number Help.

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    Posted: Wed Jun 25, pm. This number represents the scheduled sequence order. It was then assigned a scheduled production date based on availability of trim, parts, other components, and taking into account downtime and production workloads at the assembly plant.

    Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN codes)/Ford/VIN Codes

    A scheduled production date was very often out of sequence with the Consecutive Unit Number. And more often than not, the actual production date the day the car rolled off the line was earlier or later than what was originally planned. Therefore, a Thunderbird with a Consecutive Unit Number of may have actually been produced and ready for shipping before a Thunderbird with a Consecutive Unit Number of The Consecutive Unit Number should be considered to be a unique identification that shows when the order was received and when it was planned for production.

    The Data Plate is also referred to as the "Patent Plate" and the "Warranty Plate" Tech Menu. Photos of the Ranch Wagon,, images and the Wagon is finally a driver! Posted: Thu Jun 26, pm. Great info for all of us to use.