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When we are stifled and restricted like this we are not living from the heart. Be a part of something bigger and fulfill your hearts desires. Here is how you can nourish your spirit and fill your soul. We all have wounds that keep up stuck, moving down the same old path.

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Without healing the pain we have suffered we get consumed by fear, resentment, shame, and guilt. Learn to acknowledge the pain and hurt that is holding you captive from greatness, and begin to check these emotions at the door. There is a road to freedom where we are no longer victim to these past hurts and can follow our vision and purpose in life. As we go through life we slowly drift away from our true-self. We lose contact with who we are meant to be and start living from a false-self that we pretend fills our soul.

Can you remember a time when what you did and how you acted was free from the false image you believe had to be portrayed to others? Examine your core beliefs because these will be self-fulfilling.

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What do you believe? What do you value? Who are you meant to be? We all deserve to be happy and we all deserve to be successful, whatever our definition of success may be. When we are told that wanting to be happy and having good things is selfish or unrealistic we stop searching for our passions and purpose, and we begin to settle for what others expect us to do. Find people who share your sense of purpose and who encourage you to fulfill this mission. It is okay to want good things and you deserve to be happy.

Develop a vision for you future and live this out.


When our desires become intentions that we live by, they start to become a reality. By having a vision and plan for your life you can take the steps to reach this point. Stay focused of what you are going to do today. Be aware of how you interact and connect with others, and how they impact you. We all have natural tendencies and capabilities that have unfolded in our life. Often these came about, not just from a genetic predisposition, but because we have devoted time and effort to cultivate them.

When we uncover our strengths we can start living intentionally to build these. What core strengths have always driven you? Where have you seen consistent and enduring success in your life? Once you know this you can start to live everyday in a manner that incorporates these strengths. In the journey to have a radiant soul, there will be moments when we are tested and our will is tried.

Perseverance is necessary and we must stay dedicated to this desire if we are to succeed. Bazzi is in his own lane, crushing streaming numbers and topping charts left and right. In barely two years, the Canton, Michigan native has skyrocketed to one of the biggest stars in pop, unleashing a whole new sound full of melody and bass-heavy production.

In this day in age, sometimes we see a disconnect in social media numbers and streaming numbers, but Bazzi delivers on all fronts. With 1. Flaunt Mag caught up with Bazzi in Los Angeles to chat about the new project, his Coachella debut, and working with Tyga.

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Bring positivity and light into an environment, and I still try to do the same thing today. How has your sound evolved since? Back then, I was just making music to make music. But now I have a really specific direction and specific identity in my sound. What is that specific direction and identity? The album was like an exhale, I get to talk about that stuff. I tried a lot of new things on the project too, I was rapping a lot more. What made you want to rap? Or have you always rapped?

Once again, it feels natural.

I just roll with it. Oh yeah, he did FaceTime me at the Lakers game. He reached out to me. We stayed homies over the years. You work so hard and invest so much of yourself into this so for people to receive it and understand it and love it as much as you do, it feels really cool. I started my paradise today. I woke up, worked out, had a healthy meal, drank a coffee. Not anything specific, just a free day to be free and do whatever I want.

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Definitely a little day drinking. Some day drinking with some wine by the pool. A little basketball, a little TV, maybe a movie. A good nap, just drive around and get lost. Man that video shoot was actually really cool because we were in Mexico City. Just being with the whole crew that night and that whole day, being in Mexico City shooting a music video.

It was the first song I was coming back to so it was special. It was a really exciting day. I knew summer was coming around so I wanted to make that perfect summer song that felt like summer and made people want to put their windows down. Do you feel pressure to top the last hit? I like how my music sounds, I like listening to it. Only pressure to be myself. It just felt perfect for Obviously, we were massive fans too. They did their thing on it.

Bazzi Talks New 'Soul Searching' Mixtape: 'It's Very Much a Project For The People'

How does it feel to have people approach you and recognize your talent? Prince is definitely one of my favorite artists. A lot of respect for Drake. They were rockstars. Are you listening to pop or hip-hop on your day off?

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  5. I love his tone and his vocals. Super, super cool guy. Great convos.

    Bazzi - Soul Searching (Lyrics)

    What made you call it a mixtape over another album? Historically, a mixtape is more storytelling. Albums can come a little bit more meticulous on the marketing end. It was a really interesting record to write. Literally a conversation with myself, it can be summed up as having a therapy session with yourself.

    Coachella was sick.