Clean contact list on lg phone

Wrapping Up

When the next window appears as the screenshot shown below, press the Rooting Tools button at the bottom right corner. This will send you to a website that offers you a root tool option — KingoRoot. Just install it on your computer and run it, then go to your LG phone and tap "Allow" to make sure that your device has granted the root permission.

Tip: Rooting the phone allows you to get deeper control over the device so that you can guarantee a high success rate of LG contacts recovery.

Contacts: LG G7 ThinQ

After you're rooted, the software will start a deep scan of LG smartphone automatically. Typically, this will take around minutes.

Wait patiently until the scan comes to the end. Once the scan is done, the program should sort all files it found in different categories on the left sidebar so you can locate them quickly and easily. You can have a preview of any files in the list. In your case, put the mouse cursor on the Contacts category and click it, all contacts it found will display in the middle section of the window.

Highlight any of contacts item will show its detailed information on the very right section. If you want to preview the deleted contacts only, toggle on the " Only display the deleted item s " switch on the center top place. Now, tick the checkboxes in front of each contacts item to select contacts that you wish to recover and then hit the Recover button in the right corner.

Backup my LG G3 phone contacts (everything if possible) to Google cloud? - Gmail עזרה

A new dialog will appear letting you specify an exact location for the recovered contacts. After do that, hit the Recover button again and let the program starts retrieving deleted contacts from LG phone internal memory. That's it! Then tap "Erase Everything" to confirm that you want to erase your device.

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Turn the LG Optimus off, or remove the battery and re-insert it, if you can't access the device to power it down. Hold down the "Volume Down" button on the side of the smartphone and the "Home" button on the device's face.

Press the "Power" button to turn on the Optimus. Release the buttons once you see a menu appear on the screen.

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  4. Delete a contact.

Press the "Volume Down" button twice to highlight "Clear Storage. Press the "Volume Down" button again to confirm your selection and wipe the device. Shawn McClain has spent over 15 years as a journalist covering technology, business, culture and the arts. He has published numerous articles in both national and local publications, and online at various websites.

How to Delete Apps on the LG G6

Once you click on the Trash Can icon you will see a Menu, click on Delete. After deleting Multiple Contacts via the Google Contacts Manager page, you will need to sync the contacts to your Android device for the changes to show up.

From the menu that appears, tap on Accounts. Finally, tap on the Contacts option to start syncing Contacts from your Gmail account.

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Once your phone has finished syncing contacts, head back to the Contacts app to see a leaner Contacts list with Multiple Contacts deleted from the list. Open up the Contacts app on your Samsung Galaxy Phone.