Colorado class action suit sex offenders

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Post-release, ex-offender, re-entry , jobs. Sex Offenders Discrimination. A: Federal laws trump state laws just as state laws trump city or municipal laws.

Q: How do I know my identity will not be revealed when this is filed? A: All submissions will be vetted by the Core team then sent to the Legal team. If you are able to contribute monetarily, please do so by making a donation to WAR either via Pay Pal on the organization website and earmark it for the law suit in the memo area or send to the post office box with the same instruction.

Colorado Judge Rules On Sex Offenders

If you have time available to assist in gathering and compiling documents to be used in the law suits that would be appreciated. Also, any new study data on the registry issue or family impact. Get the word out about the law suits.

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Now is the time to do so. Also, other organizational leaders who want to support us i. A: The projected time frame was fall of but more arguments have been added. We expect it to be ready to file in a couple of months. We are proceeding with caution and want to make sure what is brought forth is solid and will not make things worse for our registrants and families. Q: How soon could we see things begin to change if the suits are won?

A: That will depend on how the rulings are handed down by the court.

Federal judge declares Colorado sex offender registry unconstitutional for 3 men

It cou ld be immediate or it could be a set date for relief to take place. Of course we would like the immediate relief but we have no control over that. Q: I am worried that my local law enforcement will learn of my participation and harass me or my family. A: Identities will remain protected and known only to the attorneys. Q: I have other law suits pending.

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Will my involvement here affect the others in any way? A: No, it will not. You might want to advise your attorney involved in the other suit just to make them aware. Q : My questions are too complex.

Federal judge declares Colorado sex offender registration act is unconstitutional

How can I contact someone who can answer them? NOTE: Please submit your questions to the email box below and we ask that you give us days to respond before sending a follow-up. Also, we need everyone to understand we are gathering data for a law suit. We cannot legally advise on individual situations. We are not attorneys. A: Submit FAQ questions using the form at the bottom of this page or by email to: fighttheregistry womenagainstregistry.

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    About Us. About WAR. If it is not an emergency, please call If you have any questions regarding sex offenders, please contact the Registered Sex Offender Unit at or NOTE: If you are required to register as a sex offender and reside within the city limits of Colorado Springs, please click the button below for detailed information on the CSPD's registration process. Skip to main content. As you view the information provided, please consider the following: State law limits which sex offenders that police departments can post online.