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In Alabama, common-law marriages are legal and binding, however, on January 1, , this law will change. If these elements are met, then a couple does not have to have a ceremony which is conducted by a public or religious official to be effective. However, this law will change on January 1, due to a bill that was signed on May 3, by Governor Robert Bentley. Though you may be worried how this will affect you and your common-law marriage, for any couple that have established a common-law marriage before this date, you will not be affected by this new law.

Because of this significant change in the law, it is invaluable to seek legal advice and representation to determine how this law will affect you and your significant other.

Contact our office today! Your email address will not be published. Need Legal Advice? For instance, Georgia recognized common law marriage up until , at which time it was abolished. There are some states that have limited recognition of common law marriage, and some will recognize a common law marriage from another state, even though the state does not recognize such a marriage itself.

An Alabama common law marriage requires proof of the following elements:.

Alabama abolishes common-law marriage

Courts in Alabama closely scrutinize claims of an Alabama common law marriage, and require clear and convincing proof from the party claiming a common law marriage. See Baker v. Townsend, So.

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The issue of whether there is or is not an Alabama common law marriage is a question of fact generally decided by a judge in a divorce court. Proof by clear and convincing evidence requires a level of proof greater than a preponderance of the evidence or the substantial weight of the evidence, but less than beyond a reasonable doubt.

If an Alabama common law marriage is proven, the couple is treated for all purposes just like any other couple who were married in a civil marriage ceremony after obtaining a marriage license. William K.

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An Alabama common law marriage requires proof of the following elements: The capacity to marry A present, mutual agreement to permanently enter a marriage relationship to the exclusion of all other relationships The public recognition of the relationship as a marriage and public assumption of marital duties and cohabitation. Emanuel Street Mobile, AL info bradfordladner.

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