Drug arrest in morganville new jersey

Manalapan Township, New Jersey

Attorney Craig Carpenito announced today. Alex Fleyshmakher, 33, of Morganville, New Jersey, was arrested this morning and will have his initial appearance this afternoon before U. Magistrate Judge Douglas Arpert in Trenton federal court. Sevumyants was previously charged by indictment, and Khaimov and Shtindler were each previously charged by complaint.

Initially, Prime Aid Pharmacies obtained retail network agreements with several pharmacy benefit managers PBMs , which allowed them to receive reimbursement payments for prescription medications, including specialty medications.

The kickbacks included expensive meals and payments by cash, check, and wire transfers. Prime Aid Union City — at the direction of Shtindler, Khaimov, and Sevumyants — also engaged in the pervasive fraudulent practice of billing health insurance providers for medications that were never provided to patients. While Prime Aid generally provided medications for initial prescriptions it received, it systematically billed for refills for those same medications without ever dispensing them to patients. PBMs conducted routine audits of Prime Aid Union City and discovered its practice of billing but not dispensing medications.


46 people charged in massive county-wide drug bust, authorities say

Sevumyants forged shipping records of a private commercial shipping company to make it appear as if medications were shipped to the patients when, in fact, they were not. To facilitate this scheme, Shtindler and Khaimov lied to the PBMs about the true ownership of those pharmacies, including Your Care, in order to ensure that in approving such pharmacies, the PBMs did not know the affiliation between the terminated pharmacies and the new pharmacies.

The healthcare fraud counts charged in Counts One through Five are each punishable by a maximum of 10 years in prison. The wire fraud counts charged in Count Six through Nine are each punishable by a maximum of 20 years in prison. The conspiracy to pay illegal kickbacks charged in Count 10 in punishable by a maximum of five years in prison. Lampert; and the N.

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Penalty for possession of cocaine and crack are based on the weight of the drugs found in possession, the location of the possession, and if the possession was with the intent to distribute or for the individuals personal use. However, if the accused individual has no prior indictable convictions, incarceration is not usually sentenced.

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A Pretrial Intervention, or PTI, is sometimes available to an individual charged with third degree possession who has no previous record. If the individual has a prior indictable record they are ineligible for a PTI. In such a case, the penalties are dependent on the prior record, details of the case at hand, and the arguments made for the suspect and the case may result in incarceration.

At Law Offices of Herbert I. A charge of possession of cocaine or crack with the intent to distribute has very serious penalties in New Jersey and New York.

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The New Jersey Drug Distribution Statute states that it is unlawful for a person to possess, manufacture, or distribute a controlled substance or a counterfeit controlled substance. The penalty in the state of New Jersey is mandatory incarceration of up to 20 years with parole eligible after one third to one half of the sentenced time has been fulfilled. In a situation where a person has been convicted of a first degree offense for distribution of cocaine in the past and is now being convicted of a second or third offense, sentencing can be complicated.

Contacting a knowledgeable attorney will be invaluable in assuring you a fair trial with minimal penalties. Possession of cocaine in a school zone will have additional penalty in New Jersey. If an individual is convicted of cocaine possession in a school zone, they may be required to perform a minimum of hours of community service in addition to the penalties imposed for the crime, unless the penalty is a term of incarceration. A school zone is considered on or within 1, feet of any property used for school purposed that is leased to or owned by an elementary or secondary school or school board, including school busses.

Additionally, it is considered a third degree offense if the individual is convicted of possession with the intent to distribute in a school zone.

State of New Jersey

Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Herbert I. Possession, distribution, or possession with the intent to distribute cocaine or crack in or within feet of a public park, public building, or public housing facility is a second degree offense. A public housing facility is any building, dwelling, complex, or structure used for or in connection with the local housing authority to provide housing to those of low income.

A public park is any playground, park, or recreation area controlled or owned by local government including the state or the county.

Claiming to be unaware of the nearby public area is not a permissible defense. Any charges involving the possession or possession with the intent to distribute can become very complicated.