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Death and Grief

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I do hope they are better off in their camps and don't know what is happening to us. I heard her answering me, saw her smile, her frank and encouraging look.

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I understood how a man who has nothing left in this world still may know bliss, be it only for a brief moment, in the contemplation of his beloved. After being liberated from the camps, Frankl spent his life advocating for the importance of meaning as a salve against suffering and the secret to happiness. Meaning brought him through the Holocaust and formed the basis for his entire approach to life. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue. In other words, Frankl believes that meaning cannot be pursued as a goal in itself. It must ensue as a side-effect of pursuing other goals.

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This may involve connecting yourself with the pursuit of knowledge by working toward a college degree, committing yourself to the care of others through volunteer work, dedicating yourself to the expression of love through raising a family, or any number of other endeavors. Empirical research supports his hunch. To assess meaning, they used a psychological test known as the Meaning in Life Questionnaire, which gives two distinct scores.

The results are exactly what Frankl would have predicted: Greater search scores were associated with lower life satisfaction and happiness. The paradoxical secret to finding meaning may be to not look for it. As these accounts by two notable minds of the 19th century indicate, the meaning of life can prove rather mercurial.

Despite our best efforts, it can elude us for years, and then finally, just when we think we have it firmly in our grasp, slip away. But the mere fact that something is difficult to attain does not render its pursuit pointless. After all, physical fitness and personal trust both require intense and sustained effort. Numerous poets and philosophers over the years have suggested that immersing ourselves in the journey may be more important than reaching the destination.

Socrates BC , who is sometimes regarded as the first great Western philosopher, resisted the idea that he should be numbered among the sophists, teachers of rhetoric in his day who claimed to be wise and required payment from their students.


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He claimed that only an idiot or a charlatan would charge money for something that cannot be bought or sold, and that instead of possessing wisdom , he was a philosopher, one who loved and pursued it. Socrates argues that love at its best is the longing for something beyond and above ourselves, the pursuit of which can bring out the best in us.

A similar idea is found in another foundational text of Western civilization, the Gospel of John. For both Socrates and Jesus, it seems, if life has some overarching meaning, it is bound up with love, and if we love at our best, our lives take on as much meaning as they possibly can. For both, the meaning of life is not a mere proposition, something that could be written down on a chalkboard, but a way of life, which cannot be understood once and for all but must be brought to life and lived out every day of our lives.

When someone experiences a life-threatening illness, or realizes that they are dying or that they have been cured, or witnesses a new life entering the world, they often step out of their day-to-day cares and experience life in a new way.

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Again and again, one of the themes that emerges is love. And so often, what turns out to matter most about a day is not how much money we made or how many awards we collected, but how much we loved. Having realized what a precious thing life really is, we resolve to love like we have never loved before.

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I would not claim to know precisely what love is, but the opportunities I have enjoyed over the years to read great books with students and experience moments of life and death with patients have deeply impressed on me three insights concerning love and the meaning of life. They are not the sorts of truths that can be written down on a three-by-five card and implemented. Instead they are more like intimations that point to new possibilities of living. The first is one I have already alluded to. Whatever the meaning of life might be, it seems not to be a proposition that we can simply judge as true or false.

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To the contrary, it is a call to action, one that moves us from thinking and feeling to becoming. If such a truth were merely thought about but never acted on, then it would be no truth at all.

The Paradoxical Secret to Finding Meaning in Life | Psychology Today

In a sense, it is only in the acting and becoming that we stand any chance of knowing the truth in the first place. The second concerns how we see others. So long as we see ourselves as perfect or even potentially perfect, we are cut off from one another.