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He wishes he had just stayed home. Right from the start of the first verse of the track, the listener can start to piece this night together. Our narrator notices the obvious frustration, so he walks over to Sherry to try and provide support. Sherry puts her arm around him, and they simply walk away from the narrator — like nothing even occurred. The plot thickens with heavy horn blasts, steady drums, and gorgeous clarinets throughout. The listener is started off with a confrontation — presumed to be Jeremy and the narrator from the previous track. With the third verse, we get inside the mind of Jeremy with his inner monologue.

The two separate, but now the narrator is left wondering about who Sherry is thinking of — him or Jeremy. Soft strumming from an acoustic guitar starts setting the stage for our next vignette, only to quickly change into a big band sound of horns, heavy bass drums, subtle strings, and a jolly piano melody. As the track starts, the listener is introduced to a man who went out for a smoke, only to forget his lighter inside. Unable to find it, he starts to look for her.

For a quick second, he realizes his rash thoughts are nothing more than just that — rash. What makes our narrator so afraid of the worst possible outcome — is it insecurity? Is it issues from the past? After a few moments, his girlfriend call for him, from down in the living. It looks like it really is just him. Somber guitar playing and piano playing immediately set the tone, giving the listener a hint at what is to come. The character Jeremy is back, but our narrator is someone new.

Once alone, our narrator opens himself up. More instruments start joining; a sense of panic can be heard as if the listener is inside the mind of the narrator. He then backtracks, stating it came out all wrong.

Love songs are where we get our passion, our soul — and most of our worst ideas.

He simply wanted to convey his friendship to Jeremy, blaming the alcohol for his bewildering confession. That it never feels like that you. Heartbroken and alone, our narrator now has an idea of the repercussions of it. Joy permeates the entirety of the track, giving the listener a much-deserved reprieve from the solemn tales of this house party from hell.

The first verse talks about a dancer immediately soaking up all the attention from the party goers, including our narrator. Upbeat drums kicks and delicate piano paint the listener a picture of this woman, beautiful in her every movement. She stops, and so do the hearts of those watching.

Перевод текста песни Touched исполнителя (группы) Vast

Our narrator brings himself back to life with the quick puff of a cigarette, waiting for her return to the spotlight. As he lay there dead, his soul is still attached to his body. It was a constant battle attempting to quit and simply going to the store to get another pack. His life was less than nothing, it never was. Alexander never truly lived, he only existed. The final track resembles the ending of the party and the closing of a story — a delicate tune that provides blissful harmonies and an emotional tug at the listener, showing that beauty and sadness are never far apart.

The spotlight is now on these two. Despite these feelings of uncertainty, he continues to dance with her. Catch Your Dream.

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Sleep Alone Tonight. When A Love Affair Ends. I Melt Away.

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Maybe There's A Way. Baby I Call Your Name. Right Time, Wrong Place. All Alone. Turn Right, Turn Wrong. Find My Way. All Day, All Night. The Summer Wind. It's alright. Love You Heavy.

Demi-Gods - The Lab Rats -

Alles Klar. Let's Get Real. Bills's Song. Crazy For You. Something About You. She Forgot. It's Alright. The Caravan Moves On. Under The Same Sun. Baby It's History. So Radical. Angel Of Berlin. Only You.

VAST - Touched

Let's Do It. Down Louisiana. Nothing Stays The Same. Baby It's You.

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