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If you need a marriage or divorce certificate, you can only obtain these from the county in which the marriage or divorce occurred.

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How far back records are available, and relationship requirements depend on the type of record being requested. Start Your Records Search:. First Name.

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Indiana Court Records Information on courts in Indiana can be obtained through the administrator of the courts website. You can order directly through the Indiana. In Person: You may visit the local health department where the event occurred and make a request for the records.

Average turnaround time is business days. The county criminal background check covers Some county criminal background checks may take longer due to court procedures or if additional records need to be ordered. Click here to order an Indiana County Criminal Search.

Continue reading to learn whether or not Indiana permits expungement of such programs.

Includes a free national 50 state sex offender search and a free most wanted search. Many others use Criminal Records for self checks, nanny checks, babysitter criminal background record searches, and private investigations. Indiana Criminal records are public information and as such are accessible to everyone. Our job is to share that accessibility to everyone, as we continue to push the industry away from lengthy, difficult, hard to read, and very expensive criminal background searches.

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We will continue to develop our network of criminal providers, and work to enhance the quality of criminal records, the criminal background industry, and to make more criminal data available instantly. The terms criminal record and criminal background records are used interchangeably. Criminal Background Records www. Order Criminal Record. Search Criminal Backgrounds. Sample Criminal Record.

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This mistake can cost many people a job. Some people are being told that they are being denied a job because of a past conviction and others are not told, but continuously denied employment. One important part of the Indiana Expungement law is that it prohibits the unlawful discrimination by employers against those who have had their criminal records expunged.

The Indiana Expungement Statue states that a person whose record is expunged shall be treated as if the person had never been convicted of the offense. So after your successful expungement, on any employment application, or other applications, you can legally answer that you have never been convicted of a crime.

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Besides employers, many landlords are also conducting background checks these days. For some landlords, even a misdemeanor conviction is reason enough to refuse an application to rent an apartment or home. A conviction for felonies and certain misdemeanors can restrict your right to purchase or own a firearm in Indiana.

Firearm rights are governed by both federal law and Indiana law. However, federal law holds that a conviction that has been expunged cannot be considered a conviction for purposes of denying firearm rights under federal law. Many people are unaware that certain convictions affect your ability to obtain student aid grants, loans, or work study. Auto insurance is a risk-based business. The insurance company takes a risk on every new customer it accepts.