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To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Understand the Legal Issues The topic of whether it is permissible to search a plate number is complex.

Warnings Some websites say they are free, but will actually charge you a fee and may provide you with outdated information -- or no information at all. Tips Before using a third-part website, obtain a Google safe-browsing report.

What Can I Get from a Free License Plate Lookup?

California Department of Motor Vehicles: Confiden. What is Safe Browsing? We tap into a vast network of government, auto industry and non-profit sources. By making this database searchable, we give you free access to one of the most complete sources of vehicle information.

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In some cases, our free license plate lookup may pull up records for more than one vehicle. Based on vehicle information and other details, you should be able to identify which record pertains to the target car. Yes, here is a couple of paid services that can help you get vehicle and owner information. All the information displayed on our website is public records. In most countries and states people can pay extra for vanity registration plates with custom characters or numbers.

In most countries and states profanities, obscene or offensive words or meanings.

Some states now require temporary license plates on newly purchased or leased vehicles. Temporary tags have an expiration, usually it's 90 days may differ from country to country or state to state.

Free Car License Plate Lookup | Detailed Vehicle Title Report

Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are more than 35, fatal crashes in United States each year average based on data from , and there are over 3 million people injured each year. There are more that million vehicles registered in US. Did you know that when you check your Uber or Lyft driver license plate through the app, you dont always see the actual reviews. People refrain from posting bad reviews as the drivers would know who posted the bad review.

Lookup by License Plate

But through FindByPlate. We constantly get emails from our users, asking us to publicly show license plate owner information, but it's not that easy.

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  6. We have prepared a quick introduction to laws and regulations governing license plate owner information.