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It is, after all, one of their best albums! It is estimated that there were only around a thousand copies of each title pressed that could only be bought via mail order. Peppers also got the five-star treatment. The record could only be ordered from the fan club and the U.

CD reissue has not affected value at all. It was spelled perfectly fine on the sleeve! So, if you own an original U.

One side contained a medley of 11 Beatles songs edited together while the B-side was one continuous test tone lasting 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The label has a circular impression 15mm from outer edge. Not as rare as yellow-and-black label versions higher up this chart….

Copies of all U. This was previously used to distinguish 45 rpm records from 78 rpm records. This is not due to the greatness of the song — and it is great — but the fact that this was the last demo and single released on Parlophone before Beatles records began to be issued on their own Apple label. Sleeves have a PPCS catalog number on the spine of the sleeve and a Parlophone logo reproduced on the back cover.

The label will also have a circular impression 15mm from the outer edge. Thus, small quantities of this album on Odeon may have been pressed for distribution in Portugal.

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Although the last 78rpm record was released in the U. EP and feature all of their singles that had gone gold by Although a test pressing was made on two discs and two sets of proof labels were also produced, this was as far as Golden Discs got, and the idea was scrapped.

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This particular version is a contract pressing farmed out to the Decca pressing plants as EMI could not cope with the demand for Beatles albums. The record also has a circular impression 15mm from the outer edge. Please click here to see our current auctions.

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He went to many experts in the field on the subject including yours truly. For those of you that saw the article and are stopping by to wish us well and check us out, Welcome , and for those of you that haven't seen the article, Click here to read the story. Get the updates before anyone else or before it hits the website or the usenet groups. Send us email with the words "subscribe forever vinyl". You'll be added to the mailing list and will be sent all the lastest items and adds to our inventory as they come in to the store.

Search Service at Forever Vinyl I've got access to over 2 million records and cd's. I offer a search service and will look for that favorite group or artist for you. There is no fee if we don't find what you want. We get excellent results and will be glad to take a shot at finding your favorite item. This is a major part of Forever Vinyl's business. The best way for me to get your want list is for you to E-mail your want list requests. You can send artist requests and we prefer priced want lists. I've also set up a fax line for want lists at The nations first record collecting BBS.

Please don't call after pm. Max is sleeping. We start working on want lists as soon as we receive them. For a more comprehensive review of these steps, check out the full guide to identifying record versions.

Steps to Estimate Vinyl Record Values

When in doubt, the Discogs help forums are a great resource. Pro tip: Discogs has made the process of identifying record releases simpler. Using the Discogs mobile apps , you can scan records that have a barcode to instantly identify which release they are from. In addition, Discogs has the most comprehensive release notes of any physical music database out there. For example, this Fleetwood Mac Rumours release page has a few detailed indicators that help identify the specific version. Carefully inspect the record and review both the cover and the vinyl itself according to the Goldmine Standard.

This is where you will use that light you found earlier. The closer the source of the light, the better the results. Check the vinyl surface closely for damage in the reflection of the light bulb itself. Inspect the cover for water damage, tears, bent edges, and discoloration.

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Be honest and conservative in your vinyl record grading, this will give you the most accurate estimate of your vinyl record collection value. For an even more accurate evaluation, consider play grading the records. In some instances, cleaning records can raise the grade of a record significantly. Check out our guide on how to clean vinyl records for more in-depth details on the cleaning process. This will save a ton of time, allowing you to skip the pricing guide and tally steps below. In addition, you can search, sort, and filter with the Collection feature on Discogs.

Sounds like a win-win to me. Now that you have the release variant and condition of the vinyl records, you can begin to check pricing. Before the internet, collectors would use mail-order catalogs to determine the ballpark value of a vinyl record. However, there are now many free online resources that utilize sales data. This is much better, as it connects the value of a record to actual sale prices instead of using abstract estimates. Discogs is an excellent resource for this, providing detailed notes on the condition of the records sold and value trends over time.

Popsike is another online resource that tracks sales across many different websites.