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In no world is this fair! Bye bye Dollar and good luck with your scams. Pros: Three good size guys fit in it well and we're comfortable. Crappie basic car! Pros: The windshield wipers No sorry. No upgrade. Here go try this van Cons: I felt like I was going to break down every time I turned on the van to drive it. It had been in at least 2 accidents. The passenger door barely lined up to close!

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Just gross! Pros: Quick pick up process, friendly staff. Cons: The drop off location was unmarked and extremely difficult to find. When I mentioned this to the staff they blamed poor airport signage due to construction. However no one warned me upon pick-up of any difficulties i might encounter trying to return the car, nor was I given any instructions for drop off.

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I very nearly missed my flight, as did a number of other customers. Quick, easy, great price-point. Pros: The rental booking and pickup was very easy and quick.


We got the car we wanted and were very happy with Dollar. Reliable Rental Agency. Pros: Over the years my wife and I have had positive experiences when renting from Dollar, and found more of the same for this last rental. The customer service agent was not pushing add-ons or a vehicle upgrade. Instead, she made recommendations based on our particular situation and needs our car was in the shop for about a week for computer repairs. As long as Dollar has vehicles for rent at reasonable prices they will be at the top of our list for consideration.

Cons: There were some extraneous surface scratches on our vehicle that didn't bother us, but it was somewhat disconcerting that no one verified those blemishes at the time of checking out the vehicle. Without that verification by an employee, an unscrupulous agency might attempt to bill renters for the blemishes again and again without the renter having any documentation to show that the blemishes were pre-existing.

Worst passenger van. Pros: The passenger van was very old and was very noisy both inside and outside. Worst of all, the right rear tire burst out at am in the morning. Our calls to road side assistance from the rental company was never answered. Luckily I could rely on AAA. Poor customer service from the rental company.

I won't think of renting from them again.

No late night drop off, broken car, they don't ans. Pros: The staff was very friendly while I was actually there. Cons: The car was sort of broken, I tried calling many times to no avail. They have no late night drop off so you have to be back by 5pm or pay for another day.

They tell you to bring car back with gas or they charge you extra but the car was nearly on 'E' when I picked it up. Pros: The personnel were friendly and even offer d to extend the rental by a few hours at no charge.

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Cons: I wasn't able to rent the car and I am in the process of trying to get a refund. I went to the address listed on my confirmation email and it was their repair depot instead of their rental place.

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I tried to use Google maps to find their rental place and I was led to a back alley in waikiki. We spent a total of 2 hours looking for the place and this made my family and I late for my grandfathers funeral services. If you could aide us in getting a refund I would so cerely appreciate it.

Operation time is incorrect on the website. Cons: This place doesn't open 8am in the morning.

I have to wait for more than 30min outside to get my car And also they close earlier than it showed on website. You know parking on Waikiki is very expensive. I have to pay extra money for parking since they closed earlier. Pros: the car we received was nice and clean. Cons: upon picking up, we were charged taxes and extra insurance we purchased insurance from the website we booked this rental through, but we were told it didn't cover collision damage - which we had to have to rent this car we would have been happier if these fees were clearly stated when we booked. Great bargain and great car!

Pros: Servicer was excellent! Car ran beautifully and the pick up and drop off was super convenient. Would definitely recommend!! Good service! Pros: Smack in the middle of Waikiki which makes it easy to pick up and drop off. The staff was also very professional, helpful and friendly. Bait and switch.

Cons: My car was not available at the airport. I was taken to an industrial park near the airport. My car was not there. It was in Waikiki. I was told since it was a booking only scenario I would have to make arrangements to get into Waikiki myself. I cancelled the rental and made other legit arrangements. Ace can also the be the lowest in the deck, not always the highest. Then we were pulled over by the police due to expired inspection sticker.

We did not get a ticket once I explained it was a rental. I called the rental company about this and they said they we try to do something They placed us on hold for over five minutes while we were there with the police so we finally hung up. No help or support at all once we left the lot with their rental. I also informed them that the oil light reminder was on the whole time and he downplayed this as well. My wife, son and I thought these guys were shady from when we first interacted with them.

Pay a bit more and rent from elsewhere. Cons: The two of us booked and prepaid for an economy size car in this location, we were told in person, it was a smart car or a Fiat.

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  • We arrived at the rental car location and there was a long wait to speak to a representative. When we finally got to the counter, it took them another 20 minutes to locate a car for us and at the end, we got upgraded to the next level since they were out of economy size cars. The car was an older model Toyota Yaris. It was dirty and made squeaking noises when we drove. This was already an upgrade! We even witness a representative yelling at customers when we were waiting for the shuttle.

    Pay a little more and rent from another company to save time, better service and a clean vehicle. Employees were unprofessional and unfriendly.