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The acceptance of this myth seems odd to me because Phillip's pension claim names Richard as his brother and Richard is not a name of one of Abraham's children. The Philip who appears as Philip I. Unfortunately, these myths are contained in an accepted application to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, and theDAR itselp seems to be distributing the misinformation. The dates on the marker are This location probably is incorrect. Phillip seems to have still been alive at the time of the census in He is listed in the household of Burrell Rushing.

Burrell at this time is living south of Rushing Creek, near the Bath Springs area surrounded by various Brashers. So it is probable that this was Phillip's property and not Burrell's. Burrell did not buy land on Turkey Creek near Rushing Grove until the s, though descendants claim this was the land Burrell settled in about Burrell's property adjoined Richard's property to the east. A more likely place for Phillip to be buried then would be in an old cemetery in the Rushing Creek area Brigance, Ivey, Minie perhaps or in the Brasher Cemetery.

For the sake of argument, a case could be made that Phillip and Richard are buried at Campground Cemetery. There is no evidence to suggest that Rushing Grove Cemetery is older than the mid s when Henry Harrington may have been buried there. The birth date used on the military marker at Rushing Grove Cemetery is This is the based on an age of 78 sworn to by witnesses in Phillip Rushing's pension claim in However, in the pension claim Phillip himself admits that his memory is failing. And while Phillip mentions that there is proof of his age in a family bible in the posession of his brother Richard, court records never indicate that the bible was produced in court.

In the census in Anson County in Phillip already is listed as 45 and over. He probably was born nearer as in Philip Rushing, Jr. The Phillip in the census with Burrell is age 78 born circa Either this is a different Phillip or Burrell has no idea of Phillip's correct age. The death year on the military marker seems to have been taken from Phillip's the pension papers and may come from a note from the Treasury indicating that Phillip's pension had been paid through that date. There is such a note in the pension papers for Richard Rushing with the same closing date. Richard Rushing is known to have lived until Phillip Rushing may have outlived all his children.

Calvin Lacy was relatively wealthy and did not have any children, so he would have been a neutral choice among Phillip's competing grandchildren to be Phillip's guardian. If the Phillip with Burrell in is the Revolutionary War veteran, then Burrell most likely is his guardian. Census data for Phillip in in Anson County show 3 males under 16 and 2 free white females, plus Phillip Jr. Data for Phillip in in Anson County: I think that the census is closest to being correct for Phillip's family.

I think he had at most four sons and perhaps four or five daughters, with two or more daughters having married before Decatur county Rushing claimants for descent from Phillip often use Perry County census data to show children born circa Yet a comparison and data seems to show that a married daughter or, perhaps, a daughter-in-law and family moved into Phillip's household in the interval, and the same thing may have happened between and The young children in Phillip's household in are more likely to be grandchildren than children.

Phillip's sons seems more likely to some of the Rushings in Stewart County, Tennessee. It is possible that Phillip was the grandfather of Richard Rushing in McNairy County in , and it is possible that he was father or father-in-law of one of the Mark Rushings in Perry County in Phillip Rushing received Land Grant No. The grant was for acres in Anson County on the southwest side of the Great Pee Dee, on Great Brown's Creek, joining a bottom by the creek near the muddy spring branch.

The following is text of the pension application of Philip Rushing. His pension application number was S Carolina, from thence to Pleasant Garden at the head of the Catawber, from thence into the Indian Nation on the Hiwassee River, from thence to the Valley Towns where some of our men were out fowling and Indians came upon them and killed three of them, one of whose names was Turner he believes; from thence was marched home by way of Pleasant garden, declared served his tour the term of three months as Ensign, he declarent thinks his tour was performed in the latter end of the year , but owing to old age he cannot recollect precisily his Major's name was Davidson, Col.

David Love or Lane his Col. He served this year seven months as a volunteer guarding the frontiers--again in the year he volunteered under the same Captain and was imployed on the same service that is ranging along the frontiers; in these several last tours he dose not recollect particularly owing to old age and the consequent loss of memory the events of this period of his services as he did not charge his memory with minor events but in fact he nearly always was out in the service of his country from the year up to this time which was Bogan, Col. Wade his Colonel; declarent was marched from Anson County N.

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Carolina to Cape Fear where he was attached to Colo. Smith's Regiment and to capt. Smith's Company; his declarents own Capt. This declarent states that on this Tour he served two months. He has no documentary evidence by which he can prove his service nor does he know of any person except Richard Rushing by whom he can prove the same, he hereby relinquishes any claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state sworn to and subscribed the day and year above written.

Doherty, residing in Perry County, stating that Rushing is 78 years of age and he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a revolutionary soldier. Signed 21 July Richard Rushing who is a creditable person and made oath in due form of law that he served most of the Tours with Philip Rushing, that he has stated that he served in the Revolution, and that he served as he states, and further that he the said Philip Rushing was an Ensign as he states, sworn to and subscribed in open court this 21st day of July Have you any record of your age and if so where is it.

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Where were you living when called into service, where have you lived since the Revolutionary War, and where do you live now? How were you called into service, were you drafted, did you volunteer or were you a substitute and if a substitute for whom? Jackson as an Ensign, whether we were drafted or whether we the company cannot be read and went out without a draft. I do not now recollect all the rest of the Tours I was a volunteer. State the names of some of the Regular officers who were with the troops where you served, such continental and militia regiments as you recollect, and the general circumstances of your service.

Rutherford, Col. Wade, and Col. Smith, whether they were regular officers or state officers I do not know as I am old and forgetful, but I think at least Col. I was commissioned Ensign but I cannot tell certainly by whom it was signed but think Gov. Caswell, it has long ago been lost. State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for varasity and their belief of your service as a soldier of the Revolution.

Doherty could--living in all my neighbours. I would also refer to aul W. Note: living in last sentence could be bring. Wade at Drowning Creek. I was also in an attack on the Brick House in the possession of the British and after several fire we retired being unable to take the House. I was in the company of Stephen Jackson a part of the time, and a part of the time I was in the company of Capt.

John Johnson and at sometime transfered to some other company in Col. Smith's Regiment, but I am now unable to recollect the name of the officers except as stated in my original declaration. I am now old and infirm and my memory has failed me so much. I cannot recollect the dates of my service. I can only recollect the places we had a battle or expected to have one and the names of the officers, but what rout we pursued in each campaign I cannot now recollect or the particular time I served in each campaign.

I have only a recollection of serving my country. Houston, J. I am personally acquainted with the said Phillip Rushing and know him to be old and infirm and that he is respectable and his statement entitled to credit.

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Dunlap, 13 Dec. Note from treasury Department, dated 14 Jan. Richard[3] Rushing William, 2. Born, , in VA. Died, , in Perry Co. Burial in Campground Cem. The first, No. The second, No. He had extensive land holdings in the 7th and 8th sections of the 8th range along Turkey Creek. He probably is the ancestor of most of the Rushings living in Henderson County.

The following is a summary of the pension claim of Richard Rushing. It was written in a letter dated July 31, , by B. A part of the time he served in Colonel Wade's Regiment. There is little proof of Richard's family, and the family presented in this database is somewhat of a composit.

Richard seems to have had at least nine sons including probably David in a separate household and two daughters in the census of Anson County. Dennis and Willis are always said to have been brothers, and the elder and younger Richard are in the same household in the census based on ages children in the census.

This is "Richard's family. Then there is "Sarah's family. Her family includes Elijah, Isaac, and Burrell born Phillip's wife is known from a deed to have been named Hannah, so Sarah could not have been his wife. Sarah seems to have been living in William Rushing's household in the census. Between and Elijah Rushing and his wife appear to have died. Sarah listed as Sally appears as head of a household in the census; this probably is Elijah's household, including Burrell born This young Burrell has money by the mid s when he buys a large amount of land, buys slaves, and builds a mansion which is still a local landmark.

Where did the money come from?

The best explaination would that Sarah inherited a larger widow's portion of Richard's estate and financed the acquistions of her grandson Burrell with whom she had been living for several years. He married, second, Sarah Sally , before Born, circa , in Anson Co.

Died, circa , in Decatur Co. Census: , in Decatur Co.

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There is a Sarah Rushing living in the household of Burrell Rushing b. In as Sally she is listed as head of what appears to be the same household. She probably is the wife of Richard Rushing even though she is in a separate household in She would be a second wife of Richard as she is not old enough to have been the mother of David Rushing.

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The placement of the second marriage in the age gap between Dennis and Richard is arbitrary, although given her association with Burrell, son of Elijah, this age gap seems more appropriate than the later age gap between Willis and D. All birth dates for these children are estimated.