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Location: Louisiana. If you were married for 27 years he must have been a pretty good husband especially for you to leave him with your son? If you left the home and he took care of your son why should you be intitaled to half??? Did you really send money for your child really? My uncle was deported from this country and when he was deported his wife divorced him. They both agreed to the divorce but his wife was the one to write the divorce papers up.

He is in another country and was not able to sign it so somehow she got the papers signed and in the divorce papers she wrote that she would get couches. My uncle, however, gave the couches to my grandma. Now she is taking this to court. Is it even legal for her to have the divorce papers signed? Live in VA. I have been divorced since Decree ordered sale listing of marital home upon child reaching Child reached age 18 and had to take ex who resides in house to court to enforce sale order 2.

Court advise ex to cooperate with sale listing as ordered. Ex placed sign sale by owner and posted one picture on sale by owner web site. I continually called to get a status with no reply. I demanded house be listed with realtor, no reply. I contacted realtor and made appointment to look at house. Called ex and provided over 48hrs notice that I needed access to house to show to realtor, no reply. Realtor comes, unable to enter house but comments on all trash and junk around house.

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I was told and shown pictures of inside of house showing trash and junk in all rooms, no maintenance or cleanliness. Call ex and requested meeting, no reply. Mortgage payment is current. Never home when I come by. To recap, decree order home listing and sale, 2 months later court ordered again to list and sale, 2 months later no contact, no cooperation, house in terrible condition one would say sabotaging any sale possibility. Since her temporary 2 yr green card has expired, it will be time for her to file for a permanent card.

You can try contesting to the homeland security and ask that they NOT renew her green card based on the fact that she moved out and abandoned the marriage relationship. If you have tried to make the relationship work, but if she has not, you may ask homeland to consider that the relationship be based on fraud and ask that they deny her petition for a permanent green card. Be honest if you choose this option.

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Homeland will investigate the claim and then make a decision to renew or deny her green card based on both your answers. If you feel her intention was less than honorable, then definitely contact homeland security to have them investigate that claim.

My community property settlement stated that our home and acreage would be signed over to my spouse once he paid me a specified cash settlement. He signed, I signed and the judge signed. It has been 3 weeks since the expiration of his time limit to pay. He currently resides on the property and my name is still on the deed. What recourse do I have to hold him accountable? I divorced my wife 18 years ago in Arizona.

Minnesota Marital Settlement Agreement (No Children)

It was agreeable and manged without a fight. She remarried six months later ending the alimony after I discovered the new marriage. I was the larger income generator throughout most of the marriage although she made good money in her career of 26 years. Now 18 years later, after completing another twenty year career, she is filing for an anulment through the Catholic Church in the state of Washington.

Is the original settlement in Arizona subject to change based on the anulment? Do I need legal help? Thank you, Ichabod. We have been married for 14 years. I have been the sole provider, she works at a menial job but has never contributed a penny to the house, expenses, etc. She uses her money for herself, and has her own credit card she is responsible for.

We live in Alaska and about 3 years ago my mother died. She left me her condo, about 80, in cash, and some annuities. All total it comes out to about , These were all in my name only and I have documentation of the amounts. I know my wife is going to try and get all she can since she does not have a college education and is mad.

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She is a princess and used to living way beyond her means since she can spend her money and run up her credit card each month. Currently right now, all the money is in a joint account. Do I need to pull all that inheritance money out and put it in my account so its not considered comingled? How can I protect myself from being thrown under the bus here? What do I need to do to protect my mothers gifts to me? When we split I left everything.

Everything we have we acquired together. I made the house payments while we were together.

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He paid for some minor upkeep and improvements, so will he be entitled to that money back? My spouse and I have been separated for over a year, which we can now seek a dissolution of marriage. We were only married for a little over a year, but I owned my home for 6 years prior to that.

A month before he left I refinanced, adding his name, but during the course of the marriage I paid the mortgage. The divorce was final in but the property settlement was not final until I want to complain to the LADB but not if there is no merit to our frustration. Do you think the LADB would be interested in our complaint? My ex has done almost nothing to contribute to the house for 3 years before the divorce until current.

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She paid rent for 18 months for an apartment starting a month prior to the divorce final date. She has now remarried. No children are involved. I have paid for everything else including the mortgage and insurance. Is there a statue of Limitations on filing property settlement aggreement after a couple has filed for divorce. And one of the persons has gone through a bankrupcy?

I initially sued my wife for adultery, and my attorney has taken his time on getting my divorce finalized and now my wifes attorney has sent over finalized papers for me to sign. The problem I have is the wording. It says In favor of her and its under no fault. I am confused, you stated the finalized papers are what you are signing…that would mean that once signed what they say is final and that would mean that your retirement is also finalized.