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The NHPS Advocates are effective because they are composed of educators and people who know how to research issues.

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This is a tone-deaf reaction to a ground swell of citizen feedback. The Board of Alders is starting to wake up, having passed legislation to establish a Civilian Review Board and now turning down Cotto. So very happy to see my alder, Jill Marks, as well as the other 17 alders listen to the will of the people and vote down the reappoint of Mr.

I was at the meeting last summer that he and Dr. Jackson-McArthur chaired and I learned so much and really appreciated how they treated all those in attendance with respect. If the mayor attempts to reappoint Mr. Cotto again after it has been made crystal clear by the down vote of the alders and the will of the people they represent, it is not only tone-deaf but downright disrespectful and beyond arrogant. The time of Latino political power has arrived, it is just does not include Jamell Cotto.

In the very near future, we will have a Latino mayor, police chief and fire chief. At varying times, every other ethnic group has had their shot at running the city. The time is now, and the next ten years are going to be very interesting to watch.

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Would you buy a used car from this kid??? I dont know him but I have heard negative news. Jamel, do not fear, there is always hope and the chance to change. You are still young and have a lot to learn and I mean this as a fellow human who is not perfect either.

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You will go through different stages in your life. Believe it or not, Mussolini used to be a socialist. Mike Moran used to be a lefty. A board should have a wide variety of members without conflicts of interest. If Harp continues to push the agenda for something that is voted down then seek a legal resolution. It drives me nuts how Cotto says he deserves a full term. It is a privilege and an obligation at the discretion of the people of New Haven as represented by our Alders. The growing presence of entitlement will be the ruination of America.

America has become a better country from its creation on the labor of slaves and the genocide of native people because people like Wendy and Brian Jenkins were not afraid to speak out or act out against injustice. No group is entitled. We need to spend less time thinking about what is owed us and more time thinking about what we all can contribute to a country that seeks to be fair and just for all.

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The article about Jewish philanthropy was in Salon magazine. We as Black people are entitled to Reparations. The Americas, whose wealth relied on slave labor from Black people. The only reason that the present generation of white Americans are in a position of economic strength…is because their fathers worked our fathers for over years with no pay…We were sold from plantation to plantation like you sell a horse, or a cow, or a chicken, or a bushel of wheat…All that money…is what gives the present generation of American whites the ability to walk around the earth with their chest out…like they have some kind of economic ingenuity.

Yale University has yet to acknowledge its role in exploiting the labor of enslaved Africans or to make reparations. There was a time when institutions like Yale set an example. Right now the Freddie Fixer parade is made to stop before it reaches the Yale campus. Yale has talented, motivated professors and students who could be a creative and dynamic presence in under served neighborhoods, beyond the token activities in place. Last night I attended a program organized by Rise Nelson, an Assistant Dean at Yale College, that featured a panel of outstanding activists.

New Haven is rich in people of conscience and dedication, but they largely work outside the establishment and sometimes without the support of the communities they propose to help. Where is the transformational commitment we ought to expect of such a distinguished institution?

He gave relatively little to the Collegiate School; its name change was made in the hope of future gifts, which never materialized. The name change has long been regarded as a huge mistake, and one reason Yale never rebrands any of its professional schools. In the 18th cie. The Freddie Fixer parade stops short of downtown because of cost. As it is, the parade is subsidized by the city. Doctoral candidates get free tuition and generous stipends for living expenses.

Each professional school has its own aid policies, based on its own resources. Please compute using compound interest. As for Freddie Fixer, your response is a non-sequitur. But be that as it may, the Freddy Fixer parade ceased from traversing the downtown area because the leadership back then was bought off by those who did not want that element in the financial district. These vans were negotiated with the leadership as a tepid investment to further solidify the agreement. Moreover, I invite anyone to disprove that.

Nevertheless, I enjoy reading your synopses on various topics in this forum. Learning new things is constant stimulation for me. PK: Yale gave pound sterling. The President will seek you out at the reunion, and try to remember your name.

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Yale students are not required to work, although they can if they want. They can cover these costs with loans or summer and term-time employment. Yes, many wealthy Americans, including some Yale faculty, owned slaves and indentured servants. They were personal, not professional servants. Slavery was not unique to the US, and persisted formally in Africa until very recently. Heck, the Cherokee owned a lot of black slaves. All I know is what I have read.

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I know, how white of me! At least I was aware enough to remember what was going on when the police were setting up roadblocks. Those slaves you are talking about were call the House Knee-Grows. I never look down on people. I just wanted to crystallize the history of the Freddy as it pertains to the questions when and why did it stop going downtown. Yes, how white of you smile to not experience a portion of a parade that displays tremendous talent offered from the black community.

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Black people in the city flock to the St. Of course those that erroneously feel superior, enjoy the nativist aspect of living. Defendant's arguments lack merit, and we will not address defendant's second contention. Defendant contends he was denied his right to an impartial jury after the court improperly refused to dismiss certain jurors for cause.

As our Supreme Court has recognized, the mere dilution of the number of prescribed peremptory challenges by a trial judge's "erroneous failure to excuse a juror for cause is of no moment to the constitutional guarantee of an impartial jury. DiFrisco , N. Rather, in order to prove the forced expenditure of a peremptory challenge constitutes reversible error, a defendant must show: 1 the trial court erroneously failed to remove a juror for cause; 2 defendant utilized a peremptory challenge to eliminate the juror and, by doing so, exhausted his remaining challenges; and 3 at least one of the remaining jurors who sat on the jury was a partial juror.

Defendant questions the impartiality of jurors number six and eight. First, he alleges the court should have excused Juror 8 when, during voir dire, he disclosed he had served as a prosecutor in another state for the past thirty-three years. At sidebar when asked whether he could "weigh and evaluate the evidence, consult with [his] fellow jurors and reach an impartial verdict based upon the evidence[]" Juror 8 responded, "Yes," further explaining in response to defense counsel's question that he no longer tried cases.

Based upon Juror 8's responses, the trial judge found he could be fair and impartial.

Defendant then exercised a peremptory challenge. Defendant now insists Juror 8 should have been dismissed but offers no argument as to why it was error for the trial judge to refuse to do so.

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In light of his subsequent confirmation that he could decide the case solely based upon the evidence presented in the courtroom and be fair and impartial, we see no abuse of discretion or error in the trial judge's determination. Potential Juror 6 responded affirmatively when asked by the court whether she would give more credence to a police officer testifying than any other witness. The court engaged in the following exchange with Juror If a police officer is testifying and a judge testified, who would you believe?

I got to hear the evidence. Would you be able to judge his or her credibility and believability in the same vein as anybody else? I would take the evidence in consideration? Police officers are going to testify in this case and they are going to be significant witnesses.

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  5. Are you going to be able to judge their testimony and credibility and believable [sic] the same as you would as another person testifies? You wouldn't give them any greater credibility? At defense counsel's request, additional questioning took place at sidebar:. You raised your hand about police officers, et cetera.

    THE COURT: Can you tell me that you'd be able to sit on this case[,] be fair and impartial, discuss with your fellow jurors and reach an impartial verdict based upon the evidence alone? I think I got myself more confused than anything. I would listen to them first and hear them first, and then I would listen to everybody else and I put together and come to a conclusion.