Ohio county west virginia marriages genealogy

Deakan 12 May Blackburn, John N.

Ohio County, West Virginia

Isabella Berryhill Jas. Stevenson 20 Aug.

Stevenson 27 Sept. Daku [Source: Ohio Co. Elizabth Nace Saul Brockunier 23 Aug. Hervey 30 Dec. Hervey 9 Dec. Elizabeth Yarnell Jacob Burke 30 Dec. Parrott 9 Dec. Hervey 6 Sept. Wilson 27 Apr.

West Virginia Ancestry Records - WVancestry.com

Elizabeth Ivers Wm. Stevenson 12 Feb. Stevenson 17 Mar.

West Virginia GenLookups - A Directory of Genealogy Lookup Volunteers

Stevenson 10 Nov. Weaver John Parriott 11 Nov. Wilson 19 Mar.

Haunted Roads in West Virginia

Doddridge 20 Jan. Harvey 7 Jan. Harvey 30 Dec. Catherine Yates Jas. Hanna 20 Apr.

Marriage Records

Wheele Jos. Doddridge 21 June Chapline, Moses W.

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Elizabeth M. Fox Jacob Burkitt 23 Nov. Wilson 20 Nov. Laws 21 Oct. Charlotte Ray John Armstrong 14 Mar. Hervey 26 Aug. Wilson 22 Dec. Wilson 11 Dec. Wilson 23 Apr.

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  4. Ohio County, West Virginia.
  5. Harvey 7 Sept. Stevenson 24 Dec. Doddridge 16 Nov. Wilson 28 Dec. Hughes 25 Nov. Wilson 25 Nov. Stevenson 14 Apr. TM 21 Feb. Parrott 27 Apr. Quiling John Parriott 28 Nov. Elizabeth Mavis Wm.


    Shaker Records Membership file, manuscripts, and printed materials from all Shaker settlements in the northeastern United States microfilm rolls and 1, microfiche. New York church records compiled by Vosburgh 13 microfilm rolls , consisting primarily of Dutch Reformed and Lutheran church records from eastern New York.

    Dutch passenger arrivals in the United States, microfiche. An index to death and marriage notices in the Jewish Review and Observer is complete from to Germans to America and Italians to America, ed. Histories of all Ohio counties, most of which include numerous biographical sketches of residents. Many county and town histories for the original 13 states, the Midwest, and the upper South. Transcribed marriage records of most Ohio counties to and many Ohio cemetery tombstone inscriptions. Similar records for areas in other states, with extensive recent additions for Illinois and Indiana.

    Extensive series of published vital records of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, and other eastern states. Late 19th century land-ownership atlases for most Ohio counties. Henry Baldwin collection of eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania genealogical materials in 67 volumes, with a detailed 8-volume index.

    Family History Catalog family surnames, arranged alphabetically. Local History Catalog entries by city, county, and state for transcriptions of birth, marriage, cemetery, probate, and tax records, etc. Map and Atlas Catalog place-name entries for a collection that covers the United States; includes many detailed state maps and various city maps showing ward boundaries.

    Manuscripts Catalog Title, subject, and name entries for more than 3, manuscript collections. Compiled by C.