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GoDaddy review. Bluehost review. This can be a particularly helpful service when you decide to go out with that person you met online. If they provide a phone number, you may be able to verify who truly owns that phone number. Similarly, for addresses, you may be able to find who truly lives at the address of the meeting place you agreed on.

Google Maps can only tell you so much about the neighborhood and the owners of the property. If you've started using a people finder site for online dating purposes, chances are you won't immediately find what you're looking for, especially with the potential of getting erroneous results. Here are a few tips to get you started:. In addition to searching for social media profiles and public record information, and educating yourself about dating scams, choosing a dating platform judiciously is highly recommended.

We've tested out ten online dating sites to find the best one. Overall, eharmony proved to be the most thorough in regards to the amount of information required to create your profile.

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Check out our review of eharmony as well as our rundown of the best dating sites out there right now. And before you go on a date, check out our handy tips on how to protect yourself before and during a blind date. If you decide that subscribing to a people finder site for the purpose of online dating, check out our review of the best background check services. Best online dating sites and apps: find your soul mate Best background check services Online dating: how to stay safe when looking for love on the internet eHarmony vs.

Online dating and people finder sites People finder sites such as Truthfinder , Instant Checkmate , and BeenVerified use public records to put together profiles of almost every individual above the age of 18 in the United States.

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By searching a name and age or state of residence, you can find out the following: Contact info such as past and present addresses and phone numbers Any known aliases or nicknames Any possible relatives or associates, such as neighbors Criminal and traffic records, such as parking tickets Any record of bankruptcies Known jobs and education Social media profiles Any known assets A person's unedited profile can reveal information that may make you second-guess your affections. How to look after your feet.

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Tips for keeping heart healthy. Keep your blood pressure in check for Know Your Numbers Week. Menopause Articles. World Menopause Day: 7 tips to help women through the change. Dressing for menopause: top tips. Mind Articles. International Stress Awareness Week: 7 signs you might be too stressed. Mindfulness myths explained. Could your winter blues be something more serious? Finding old friends From former colleagues to old neighbours, sometimes we fall out of touch with people in our lives who were once important to us.

Tracing your history The process for finding more about your family history or your ancestors is slightly different than searching for someone who is alive. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Sally - Silversurfer's Editor. Mother of three grown-up daughters I am the ultimate multi-tasker and am passionate about my role as Silversurfers Website Editor and Social Media Manager. Always on the lookout for all things that will interest and entertain our community.

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Fuelling fun for the young at heart! Latest posts by Sally - Silversurfer's Editor see all. Next up Read Now. Log in to comment You need to be logged in to interact with Silversurfers. Not a member? Roma13 4 days ago. Reply Flag as inappropriate. Sidthecat1 5 days ago. They were originally Estep's and from the Gloucester, Oxford area.

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Their mother was Esme Elizabeth Sackley, nee James. Thanks if you can help.

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RobertR7 28th Oct I am looking for my cousin Marion ward maiden name Hulland Last heard of in the woolstanton area in Staffordshire she had a son I believe called Steven or Stephen Ward. Lesley Hulland Shepherd Reply Flag as inappropriate. RachaelA 14th Oct Hi I was adopted as a baby. I'm trying to find my biological father a George Barkess cox last place I know he lived was preston house walsall in with his son jason and then soon to be wife sheila j jackson.

I know he will be in his late 80s by now but I would love to find him before I run out of time I do have some more info on him as have my adoption file and ancesstory files from each of his parents sides. I would like to put the puzzle together any help. ValerieM 8th Oct He was stationed in Yorkshire and I believed he married her and resided on station rd Harrogate Yorkshire. She loved horses and parks. They were married for a short while and divorced because of my grandfathers mother. They may have had a daughter together that may have been pit up for adoption.

She was borne around and may have been Catholic.

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  • My grandfather had very bright bright blue eyes. Intensely blue. Medium skin tone. He played the accordion and the harmonica plus loved music and animals. All kinds of animals. He was very loving and thoughtful and wrote a lot of love letters and notes. Extremely handy and loved working on planes and cars.

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    • PaulineR 7th Oct Looking for a Burton family, lived in Station Road Swaversley? MauriceB3 6th Oct Goldlorraine 5th Oct Hi I'm looking out for,4 old friend s Sharon banks who went to Landon park school poplar e14,, January I,moved to loughton and Cathy MC,donnque,also went to Landon park we were ll,age,we all were pretty happy girls,September , to January, ,also friend name Tracey Golding or Golding ham we were cut of ,as friends,,from seawick,st oysives caravan site she ,lived in Southampton , Reply Flag as inappropriate.

      Mitzi 5th Oct Many Thanks.