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But for a few decades there was no accepted universal standard, so different manufacturers used different formats. Since then, all sold on-road vehicles must have a character-long VIN consisting only digits and capitals. The specific and very complex structure of VIN code theoretically should guarantee that every vehicle, produced since , has a unique identification number.

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So, there is almost impossible to find two cars which have the same VIN. This allows to assign a code to the specific car and track its history.

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  • The first one tells in which country car was made or where is the headquarters of the manufacturer. If the first symbol were W, it would mean this Volkswagen was made in Germany. By the way, if a manufacturer builds a small number of cars e. Due to local regulations and other reasons, each manufacturer has developed its own unique system for VDS. However, it usually provides information on the model, body style, engine type, automobile platform used, how many doors it has, etc.

    Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Code Inspection

    By simply entering a car VIN and buying a history report, you can find out not only basic car facts production year, engine power, fuel or transmission type, etc. It includes authentic mileage and archive photos at different times, if it had any accidents, if it has been stolen, how many owners it had and so on. When you have various data from different dates, you can compare them and spot mileage fraud or concealed accidents.

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    • Usually, carVertical reports also observe upcoming maintenance works, common model bugs and even contain a list of equipment options that were installed in the factory. We get so much information from a single VIN because we work with different global sources, including national and private registries, insurance, leasing, claim handling databases, paid APIs and even OBD devices connected to cars.

      What is a VIN? Everything you always wanted to know about car identification

      As carVertical is a blockchain company, we process and verify all the data, blockchain confirms its reliability. This guarantees that all data which is stored in our registry is tamper-proof and cannot be faked, changed or manipulated. They can reveal much more car history facts than a seller wants to tell. Having all the information about the car can help you in many ways.

      Maybe you will negotiate a lower price, get some bonus or even decide not to buy a car because of its condition.

      Why is it so useful?

      The VIN also carries security features for owners and manufacturers. If your vehicle was made before , the VIN may be shorter than 17 characters. This decoder works best with post vehicles.


      Look for your car's VIN at the front of the dashboard of the driver's side of the vehicle. It's easiest to see from outside the car, looking in through the windshield at the area where the hood ends and the windshield begins. Or, look for the VIN on the post of the driver's side door.