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Do you remember the default Microsoft Windows wallpaper of a lonely island surrounded by turquoise seawater?

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There was nothing on the island bar a couple of palm trees, white sand and endless bliss. Have you ever wondered where that picture was actually taken? Let me tell you, my friends, that perfect little island is just one of — known as the San Blas islands — part of an archipelago off the coast of Panama. Windows XP wallpaper beach palm trees desktop picture. With natural beauty that rivals the better-known Maldives, this is a haven for ecotourists due to its barely-existent commercial footprint.

What does this all mean? Instead you will encounter a mixture of friendly locals and adventurous travellers who have sailed from all over the world. Your choice of accommodation is either a basic ecolodge on an island that are sometimes no bigger than the average Australian home, or sleeping on the boat you came from.

Or if you feel like it, you can string up a hammock between two palm trees after a bonfire on the beach with your new friends. Tropical island paradise you've never heard of. The San Blas islands are one of the most culturally and environmentally preserved places in the world. Despite constant pressure from local and international governments and tourism boards, the Kuna people are determined to protect their home. Unfortunately for me, time constraints meant I was forced to travel by air when I first visited Latin America.

And the wait was worth it — visiting San Blas turned out to be the best experience of my life. The best way to visit the San Blas islands is by sailboat or catamaran, or companies that run speedboat tours for a faster option. Custom posters are printed to order so please allow a few days for printing.

These are color posters and prints of sailboats, yachts, ships, sailing, marine, and nautical decor themes by Cory Silken. Please contact us directly if you are planning to purchase photos of your boat and would like to see additional proofs.

Sail Life - Tabbing everything to the hull! Yay mo’ fiberglass :D

Photos of sailing yacht Blue Too racing in the St. Barth's Bucket Regatta. Additional photographs of the Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta will be added next week. Please contact us if you are interested in viewing proofs of your boat to make a purchase. Pictures of 12 Metre Class sailboats in Nantucket. Additional photos will be added when the phone stops ringing. Additional photos of Bacardi Newport Sailing Week will be online this week. Please contact us to order photos of your boat.

Download our Best Caribbean Desktop Wallpapers | Uncommon Caribbean

Photographs of Atrevida sailing in the Antigua Classic yacht regatta by classic yacht photographer Cory Silken. Barth's Bucket Regatta by yacht photographer Cory Silken. Photographs of sailing yacht Rebecca racing in the St.

The ' ketch Rebecca was designed by German Frers and built by Pendennis. Barthelemy Bucket Regatta by yacht photographer Cory Silken. Pictures of sailing yacht Mirabella V racing in the St. Barth's Bucket Regatta by nautical photographer Cory Silken. Superyacht photography by Cory Silken. Pictures of sailing yacht Christopher racing in the St. Barthelemy Bucket Regatta by photographer Cory Silken.

Photographs of Lady B sailing in the St. Pictures of the Herreshoff-designed schooner Elena, racing in the St. Photographs of the sailing yacht Twizzle at their racing debut during the Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous. Please contact directly to order prints on canvas, face-mounted to plexiglas, diptychs, triptychs, or for any other questions.

Don Glassie. Boat: 5 Cent.

Boat: Sea Robin. Please contact us if you are looking to purchase prints of a specific boat. Color of Wind alternates. Boat: Ranger onboard. Boat: Shamrock V. Boat: Velsheda. Please contact us if you are interested in buying photographs and would like to see additional pictures of your boat. Boat: J Class Endeavour. The boat name search is now enabled but please contact me if you would like to see and buy additional images of a specific boat. Please contact me if you would like to buy prints of a specific boat. Photographs of Magic sailing at the start of the Newport Bermuda Race Boat: Veritas.

Barth's Bucket superyacht regatta.

Photo Wallpaper Sailing ship in the sunset

Pictures of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, featuring wooden and classic yachts. Barth's Bucket regatta. Photographs of superyachts racing in the St. Please contact me if you would like to see additional images. Boat: Surprise.

Boat: 12 Meter American Eagle. Boat: J Boats. Classic and wooden sailboats racing in the Robert H. Tiedemann Classic Yachting Weekend presented by Panerai. Boat: Firefly. Barth's Bucket Saudade. Photos of Saudade, a Wally , sailing in the St. Barth's Bucket Regatta in St. Barthelemy, French West Indies, Caribbean. Boat: Mystere. Boat: Amneris. Barth's Bucket Avalon. Barth's Bucket Ganesha. Barth's Bucket: selects.

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Photos of the St.