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This process classifies and eliminates matches according to the strength of the match as follows:. Strata 1 and 2 are considered sufficiently strong matches to eliminate from consideration any other potential matches for those individuals. Matches for strata 3—14 are of medium strength and, because their numbers tend to be small and manageable, no manual review is conducted and all death certificates are requested automatically.

Stratum 15 matches are of lower strength, so they are manually reviewed to hand-select those that appear to be at least possible matches to our cohort. Researchers can evaluate whether or not stratum 15 matches are beneficial; in our example, only 6 decedents in stratum 15 were correctly matched out of approximately 1, records. Although complete death ascertainment is important in any mortality cohort study, efficiency and practicality also need to be considered. Depending on the type of search being requested e.

Researchers are encouraged to review the NDI guidelines in the user manual before submitting requests and to contact the NDI for guidance. We established processes and rules for the manual reviews to take place at the following stages: 1 prior to state requests only stratum 15s ; 2 upon receipt of death certificates from the states strata 3—15s ; and 3 during acceptance into a study cohort or registry.

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Having death certificates as an integral part of the ascertainment process increases the quality of our manual review and accuracy of accepting true matches. Our premise is that there are a number of instances where the match is not obvious, and the decision process is enhanced with comparison of 2 or more death certificates before selection. It follows that the possession of more than one possible death certificate for some individuals increases the need for a tracking database to keep the electronic and paper processes organized. In conclusion, we have tried to achieve high-quality death ascertainment through both manual and automated processes that are easily documented for quality assurance purposes.

These methods can be applied to other large cohorts and disease registries and are useful for NDI routine searches and NDI Plus searches. Huebner ; and Palisades Research, Inc.

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The authors wish to thank Robert Bilgrad of the National Death Index for his guidance in several searches and helpful comments and suggestions on this paper. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

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Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Open in new tab Download slide. Table 1. Intended solely for the visual inspection of matches. Intended solely for the visual inspection of a large number of matches. A separate combined record is created for each multiple match. Intended solely for designing computer programs to assess a large number of matches.

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Contains probabilistic scoring in positions — Positions — contain the coded causes of death. There is a separate form for each state vital statistics office. Same record format as submitted by the user. Open in new tab.

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Table 2. Table 3. Table 4. The impact on National Death Index ascertainment of limiting submissions to Social Security Administration Death Master File matches in epidemiologic studies of mortality. Search ADS. Underascertainment of deaths using Social Security records: a recommended solution to a little-known problem. Utilizing multiple vital status tracing services optimizes mortality follow-up in large cohort studies. A retrospective mortality study of workers in three major U.

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Part 1. Comparisons with U. An updated mortality study of workers in three major United States refineries and chemical plants. Mortality experience of a young petrochemical industry cohort. Mortality patterns and trends among , U. Service to epidemiological researchers to provide vital status data on subjects on health research. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All rights reserved.

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These people have sometimes faced difficulties in convincing government agencies that they are actually alive; a story in the Nashville area focused on a woman who was incorrectly flagged as dead in the Social Security computers in and has had difficulties, such as having health insurance canceled and electronically filed tax returns rejected.

This story also noted that people in this situation can be highly vulnerable to identity theft because of the release of their Social Security numbers. In November , due to privacy and identity theft concerns, the Social Security Administration redacted and no longer included death data derived from State sources. On December 18, , Ancestry. Some of their originally free information is now available via paid subscription only. In March , the entire Death Master File , edition of November 30, , was made available for download. Updates are also available by a subscription service.

However, prices for both the full file and the updates are in the business-only range, not what most hobbyists such as amateur genealogists would be willing to pay. A review by the Government Accountability Office in found that the Social Security Administration and other federal benefit-paying agencies that use data from the Death Master File are potentially vulnerable to making improper payments due to errors or processes that could lead to errors.

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