What will unborn baby look like mothere or father

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Naturally, most prospective parents would like to be able to rule out the possibility of a genetic disorder in their children, and genetic mutations such as those that cause cystic fibrosis a lung disease can be picked up by screening before falling pregnant pre-pregnancy genetic testing , or during pregnancy prenatal screening for chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome.

But should all moms-to-be do this test? Not exactly.

What is: The nuchal translucency scan? NIPT can be done from as early as nine weeks into the pregnancy.

Pregnancy and the Role of Fathers

An option available to couples known to be at risk of having a child with a genetic condition is a procedure called preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGD. Endometriosis: what it means for me and my baby. PGD is available through some fertility clinics in South Africa.

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This kind of genetic engineering presents all kinds of problems, both scientific and ethical. However, this is not currently possible. What was your family's reaction when they saw your baby for the first time? Send us your comments and stories to chatback parent Subscribe Now.

Who will your baby look like?

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Will your baby inherit her grandfather's feet, her father's elegant nose or your curly red hair? It's all in the genes. Share It. More on. Most Read Hot topics.

Not gonna happen". Sponsored Links. McLain and his colleagues even speculated that evolutionary pressures may have actually reduced the amount of paternal resemblance in newborns, thus ensuring that a putative father will care for a child even if the father has been cuckolded.

Chromosomal conditions

That both high and low degrees of paternal resemblance have ready explanations highlights one of the challenges in linking subtle human features to changes that played out over millions of years of evolution. John Matson is a former reporter and editor for Scientific American who has written extensively about astronomy and physics. You have free article s left. Already a subscriber? Sign in.

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  3. You're Genetically More Like Your Dad Than Your Mom.

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Do Babies Look More Like Their Dads? - The Atlantic

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