Where can i find my motherboard

The board is then washed to remove the uncovered parts of the copper layer, exposing the almost-complete motherboard. When everything is completed, the actual motherboard manufacturing process begins. The motherboard manufacturing process is essentially broken down into 4 parts:.


This is where smaller components are soldered onto the motherboard. The process starts with the PCBs stacked and pushed by a machine one by one to an advanced printer which then follows a pre-labeled layout before soldering components in place. If it passes the test, then it goes to This process starts with the motherboards being placed into a machine that installs the small capacitors. Before a motherboard is ready for testing, it has to pass the manual inspection to ensure that the components are properly installed. After this, it will then be ready for testing. Testing is really easy to understand and, as always, important for quality control.

The motherboard will also be packaged in an antistatic bag here. At this point, the motherboard is finally ready for distribution. This is where all the information and settings of the motherboard are stored. It can be accessed, updated, and modified via the BIOS mode. These ports are located at the back of the computer and follow a standard PC color coding. The internal storage device connectors are where you will connect your storage devices, such as mechanical hard drives and solid state drives.

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  • How can I tell if my motherboard is dead?.
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These storage devices need to be connected to the motherboard for data to be submitted and retrieved. This is a pin male connector that connects the HDD. As technology advanced, IDE connectors are becoming obsolete. In turn, the SATA connector. Despite having 33 fewer pins, this is faster than the IDE connectors. This is the largest connector on the motherboard as this draws out the needed power directly from the power supply. The SMPS, or switched-mode power supply, then utilizes this electricity to power the motherboard and keep it running.

Identifying through Windows or another utility

The front audio port and front USB are also connected here. These connections are also usually located at the bottom part of the motherboard. This is where the processing and transfer of data happens. Your CPU is one of the most important parts of your computer, so you often choose your motherboard based on compatibility with the CPU you intend to use.

Here are the types of expansion card slots you will usually find on a motherboard:. Aside from the integrated graphics from APUs and other Intel CPUs with integrated graphics, the video card slot lets you upgrade the graphical output and performance of your computer. Ports include, but are not limited to, depends on the card :. This is where you connect your network card so you can connect to the internet through the telephone line. Obviously, this is an older technology than the above NIC.

This typically has 2 RJ connectors to connect to the telephone. This is where audio cards fit. They basically convert electrical signals to the audio signals or sound that we can hear. Depending on the type of audio there will be different types of ports found at the back.

But it usually has several 3. It also has chipsets that play a major role in making the entire motherboard work. The northbridge chip is connected directly to the CPU and handles fast communication between the CPU and performance-sensitive components such as the graphics card and system memory.

How to Find Out Your Motherboard Model Number

It is also connected to the southbridge chip that also acts as a communications hub. However, the south bridge communicates with less performance-sensitive components such as USB ports, storage devices, onboard networks, and audio chips. This is a faster, more responsive system and has reduced latency when compared to the older, on-board north bridge. Unlike RAM, where information is lost when power is turned off, ROM retains the contents even when the computer is turned off. It cuts down the voltage-- a process that actually happens several times before the electricity even reaches your home-- to provide the CPU with the exact amount of voltage it needs.

At this point, you should have a fair amount of understanding about how motherboards are made and the parts that compose them. But what exactly makes a good motherboard good? Each choke equates to one phase. And more phases means better stability.

What To Consider When Buying A Motherboard | BT Shop Blog

An entry level motherboard that has at least 4 chokes is considered alright while mid to higher quality motherboards have at least 6 chokes, but it may have more than 8 chokes. A good motherboard should have intelligently placed components and slots because poor design can lead to a number of problems that put other components at risk. Reilly also had a friend whose motherboard had the M. This is a well-known flaw and is the reason why you would find these motherboards installed with heat shields for M.

It's also worth noting that you should pay close attention to the motherboard's chipset because, as many will agree, paying for features and benefits that will never get utilizes is not a worthy method of spending your money. Chipsets dictate compatibility with various components, most notably the processor. In fact, chipsets only work within a specific processor family. For example's sake, the new Ryzen chips will only be compatible with x and x motherboards.

These chipsets hold varying features, such as better overclocking ability and an extra power phase. If you need a motherboard that supports SLI and overclocking capabilities, you need to specifically find a motherboard that does so. You can check our roundup of the best motherboards as a start.

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Never get a motherboard with non-solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, because these are often loaded with conducting liquid. Good news for me in terms of getting it replaced free of charge, but what about those of us who fry our motherboards after the warranty expires, especially if we have a desktop PC? There are a few ways to check the life-status of your motherboard without having to take it to a technician, if you like to do things yourself. This kind of PC issue can be hard to diagnose, but ruling out all other possibilities first will help you get there—before you spend money on a new motherboard , especially if it's high-end.

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There are several reasons for motherboard-failure, but the most common is overheating. Heat wears down all hardware components overtime, but it's particularly important that it doesn't damage the motherboard, considering that's where you connect all the other components.

That's why heat dissipation is important, especially if you are overclocking—fans, heatsinks, liquid cooling. Overheating is more of an issue with laptops because of their small cases and tightly spaced components, but laptop or desktop, all those cooling solutions won't matter if you don't clean the dust out of your PC regularly.

Too much dust will eventually clog your PCs ventilation system, in both your case and components, making it choke on hot air and dirt. Other motherboard-killing culprits include partially connected or incorrectly connected cables, improperly seated components, and electrical spikes and power surges. All of those you can easily protect yourself against, however. Take your time putting together your PC, if you're building or own, and make sure you plug your PC and your peripherals into a quality surge protector.

Another thing to take into consideration is using your PC abroad.

pierreducalvet.ca/30743.php Not all countries operate on the same voltage. Even if your power supply or AC adapter says it can handle both currents, not using a voltage converter can still damage your components, especially your motherboard, overtime.

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Motherboard failures are typically hard to diagnose because they share a lot of the same symptoms of other components failures.